Filipino Favorites

1051 E 18th St, Rolla, MO 65401
Hours Tues-Sat 11AM-6PM

About Us

About Us

In 2016, my friend and I started a small adventure and opened a hot dog stand selling at events in the local St James area. We named our business 2 Guys and their Wieners. With a catchy lil’ slogan, “Don’t be a meanie, Grab a weenie!” Our little adventure peaked and then slightly sputtered. My wife and his wife are both Filipina and suggested that they sell some traditional Filipino food at the St James Grape and Fall Festival. We agreed to give it a shot and thought “Why not?”

That day they sold out of Pancit and Lumpia twice and had to turn away many customers that were still standing in line. My buddy and I were trying to coax them into buying a hot dog screaming “Awww Come on, Don’t be a meanie grab a weenie!” After the day’s end, my wife looks at me with the sweetest smile and says “See, Filipino food was their Favorite!”

Filipino Favorites was born. Under a canopy we started selling at small local events and farmers markets. Business grew, and we needed a more efficient way to serve our rapidly growing customer base. We then bought a 6×12′ utility trailer and were selling on weekends here and there, then bigger events and so on.

In 2019, we sold at a local event, Celebrations of Nations. It was at that event we knew we had discovered something special!!

2020 slowed us down due to the pandemic, but not before winning 1st Place at a Food Truck Fest as “People’s Choice”. As things settled in 2021 we went full throttle!!! By mid summer, we were able to purchase a much larger 18 foot trailer, fully equipped to handle the line of customers we had experienced at Celebrations of Nations in 2019.

2021 did not disappoint as our customer base grew and we traveled throughout the State serving at local events. Beyond being blessed with our ever growing customer base, by the end of 2021, we were fortunate enough to find a permanent local building in Rolla, Missouri.

Here we are present day, planning, building, and preparing to open the very first Filipino restaurant in Rolla, Missouri! Planning an opening date around early February 2022.

Don’t’ worry, we still plan on running our food trailer at favorite local spots and festivals around the area!!
Stay tuned, we are just getting started!!!

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