Filipino Favorites

1051 E 18th St, Rolla, MO 65401
Hours Tues-Sat 11AM-6PM

The Final Countdown!

This eatery has been stressful, exciting, frustrating, and at times felt like just sticking with the Mobile unit and not moving forward. But, we are finally ready for final inspections and closer to an opening date.
Still need a few things on my end to have in place before opening, logo mats, mural on the wall, and our menu updated.

Also, I wanted to clear things up. We will not have indoor seating, maybe 1 small table eventually, as that is all the space will allow. So we use the word “Restaurant” very loosely. There will be outdoor seating. However, at the moment we are awaiting the shipping arrival and installation to be completed. We will always have our staple menu items and as we get into a groove, will be adding more items, along with always offering a different Daily Special. As we rotate through the specials we will then decide on which ones to keep in rotation based on popularity.

We ask for patience as we work through growing pains, figure out vendors and supply pipelines. With the pandemic shipping from the Philippines is S-L-O-W. So again we ask for your patience and understanding if we are “Sold Out” of specific items. This is new to us as we will be open longer than 2-4 hours like the food trailer, and we will undoubtedly go through more supplies.

Lastly, I want to Thank Hartley’s, Mark Williams Construction, and his amazing crew, Jared & Danielle Jordon for their vision, and all they have done, the city of Rolla, Ron Smith, the Health Department, countless others that have helped us along the way! THANK YOU, as we are excited to bring some ethnic diversity to our amazing community!!

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