Filipino Favorites

1051 E 18th St, Rolla, MO 65401
Hours Tues-Sat 11AM-6PMĀ

The Wait Is Finally Over!

That’s right, the Filipino Favorites eatery is finally opening! After two months and 1 week, countless hours of work and preparation, and more than a few nail-biting moments, we are throwing open our doors tomorrow, Wednesday, March 9th at 11 AM, and the special of the day will be marinated whole thigh and leg combo.

Now, we’re extremely excited to be opening, but we are definitely having a little growing pains, so our hours may vary a little, but we will get everything nailed down and absolutely will keep everyone in the loop so that you know when your Filipino Favorites will be served up for you!

We need to add that this week is takeout only, we will not be quite set up for deliveries. Don’t worry though, you know we’ll have that up and running quickly too!

Hope to see lots of happy faces tomorrow, see you all soon!

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